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We are people who understand scientists, engineers, and regulators. Like you, we are also engineers and scientists.

Technical people. Personable, approachable, likable. People who write, build, support, contribute, lead, plan, think, produce.


Bulletproof Operations Team


Alicia Woodfall-Jones, President

Alicia has 25 years in life science industry, including 10 years at Genentech and over 15 years in the consulting area. Alicia founded Bulletproof in 2008 with focus on providing high quality service, developing close client relationships, and building a valued consulting staff.

Michelle Wagner, Operations Manager (Payroll and Expenses)

Michelle has over 20 years in life science industry, with a focus on product quality and stability. Michelle joined Bulletproof as a consultant and moved to internal operations in 2013.

Laurel Woodfall, Operations Associate